What does #BeBixby mean? Bixby Clothing Co. started with a mission of empowering athletes and embracing diversity. So the idea of “Be Bixby” started with essentially – be whoever you want to be! Want to be BOLD? Then do it! Want to be UNSTOPPABLE? Now is your time!

Far too often I’ve heard reasons why I can’t do something. When I wanted to go college, I remember being told by high school counselor that the odds were stacked against me and that I should maybe find an alternative. When I wanted to start a business, I was told all the reasons why I shouldn’t because it would be hard. I’m lucky that I had a select few around me that told me that I COULD do it – and those people helped me remain confident in my abilities. So with the hard work, and the right people around me, I’ve remained resilient. So this is where #BeBixby comes in. Bixby wants to be your cheerleader. We want to be in your corner, reminding you that you can do whatever you want. You can BE whoever you want to be. Your options are limitless.

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