Dear Diary, Do I Have Abs Yet?

What is the obsession with abs? I really don’t know. All I know is they look pretty and I want them!

I once did a weightlifting meet and dropped weight in preparation. I ate super clean, drank lots of water, and kept working out hard. Through this process I thought “at the end of this not only will I be ready for the meet, but I should have abs!” Stupid thought process, I know, but that is what went through my head.

Reality. I STILL didn’t have abs.

Reality. Well I have abs, but you just can’t see them the way I want them to be seen.

Reality. Abs are pretty, but let’s be real… their looks don’t matter.

Abs are there to help you stabilize, keep your balance, and provide you with the support to do all the things you do in the gym… or out even. Example. A dancer relies on that core strength to pirouette. A runner relies on that core strength to stay upright for proper running technique… and of course as Crossfitters we know the importance of a strong core in gymnastics movements and definitely when lifting.

The problem is we’re obsessed with their looks instead of the focus on their functionality. The real problem for me is I feel like unless I only weigh 100lbs I’ll never have them. Solution for me – deal with it. Who cares? You’re stomach was flatter than it was a few years back. Most importantly, you’re healthy, you’re doing cool stuff, and you’re more confident than you’ve ever been in your life. Stop obsessing.

This is not to put down anyone who has awesome abs, because it takes hard work and I definitely don’t want to take that away from anyone. I’m just saying for those of us who feel hopeless in the ab department – I hear ya. I’m in that boat with you. So let’s remember, just because we don’t have that turtle shell on our stomach it’s not the end of the world. Let’s focus on the bigger picture.

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