We hear or see the phrase "self-love" all the time - but what does it really mean to truly love yourself? This phrase is used so frequently, sometimes we may forget to actually practice it instead of just saying or writing it. So how do we do it? 

Stay true to yourself. Remind yourself who you are, what your goals are, and what is important to you. If you need to write these thoughts down, do it! Write out your true inner feelings without fear of what others may think - because this is for your eyes only. Sometimes seeing these things on paper or actually saying them out loud can help you refocus on what is important. Doing this can remind you of what you value most so that you can stay true to yourself and place your energy into what is most important to you. 

Take the time you need. It's okay to take breaks, and it's okay to do something for you. For everyone that means something different. Personally, I used to think that taking a break meant taking a whole day off or a vacation - and the thought of taking time off gave me anxiety because I felt like I didn't have the time to leave my responsibilities behind. So I started small by just starting to journal 2 -10 minutes every other day or when I needed it most. Then from there I realized that the world wouldn't crumble if I take a vacation or if I do take a day just for me. Start small with just a few minutes of solo writing, walking, or just sitting. Whatever it is, even if its a few minutes here and there, it makes a difference because it's better than not taking any time. 

Remember what you're capable of. We tend to focus on what what we cannot do instead of focusing on what we CAN do. Remember what your body is capable of. Recognize your efforts and accomplishments no matter how small you think they are. Any step forward is progress and improvement. Celebrate what you are capable of. 

There's no one way to self love, but it's important to reflect and make sure that you're not being hard on yourself. It's important to not just use this phrase without making sure that you're using in practice. We're hoping that this is a reminder to you that you are amazing and you deserve to love yourself. 


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